Walking into Summer...The never ending Summer

Move towards what brings you joy.....................do what lights you up.........Create a to do list and a not to do list. This way you know what you like. I am Sarzy and I am living the endless summer lifestyle. Ever since I was a kid, I lived for summer. Summer was everything to me. I remember waking up early to go to the gardens and see what was growing and blooming that day. I loved everything about summer, the early mornings, the longer days and all the freshness that only summer can provide. I decided this past year, I never wanted summer to end. I am now on a mission to travel to summer wherever it may be. January 2017 started in Miami, Fl, then to Cuba in March, Key West in April and on to Montauk and East Hampton for May and June. July feels like California...............Then who knows where. I am feeling Bali though. I am moving towards what truly makes me feel alive. Here are a few things that truly make me feel alive:

  • Warm weather and cool breezes.
  • Working out by the pool and in the pool with my friends.
  • Adventures, local or international.
  • Working on my business and creating content that inspires you and me to live our best lives. 
  • Living in multiply places.
  • Sharing my gifts with the world.
  • Salsa dancing.
  • Learning how to apologize and mean it.
  • Not letting fear run the show and saying FUCK it.
  • Surfing in warm water.
  • Doing things I have never done before, especially things that scare me like talking to body activist and super model, Ashley Graham.

I want to hear from you. Answer the following question in the comments below. What makes you truly feel alive? 


Go do those things NOW!