Mersur Muse 20Q's - Issue 11, Introducing Catrin Kjellström

Meet our #mersurmuse for the month of June, the cool and carefree Catrin, from Stockholm, Sweden. I met her while she was on sabbatical in Miami for a #mersurmoment. Of course we met at the beach and talked all things Sweden, never ending summers, relationships, palm trees and Mersur..........dive in below to get to know this extraordinary creature. Be prepared to feel inspired. Catrin is deeply transformational. We were able to capture this images below as Catrin interacted with this gorgeous palm tree! 

#MersurMuse 20 Questions

Name: Catrin Kjellström

Instagram: @catrinkjellstrm

Tagline: I'm a tree hugger. I love all types of trees.

Catrin in the Ella in Deep Blue Ocean from Mersur at the Como in Miami Beach

Catrin in the Ella in Deep Blue Ocean from Mersur at the Como in Miami Beach


1. Describe your first encounter with Mersur?

I was at language school and my classmate, Matilda, entered the room looking like a mix between a goddess and a rockstar. She was wearing the 'Lana', from Mersur in Protea Sunrise and I just had to have it. (BTW this is the best type of #mersurmuse!!!)

2. What are three words that comes to mind to describe the brand?

Effortless, Eccentric, Timeless

3. We say at Mersur breathing is the best high. What give you the best high?

The Miami sky.

How do you get your personal high?

Just being in Miami, eyes on the sky. Very simple, and free!

4. What makes you feel like a goddess?

Hands down, my 'Lana' dress. (Again the best type of #mersurmuse)

5. Describe your dream destination right now?

Going snorkeling around Palawan, Philippines. 

6.Describe your fave vacation holiday spot? What do you like about it?

There are so many good places, but the places are rarely anything without good company. A place I always go back to is my home town, Norrköping in Sweden. There I have my bestest friends and all we do is to play boardgames, cook amazing food and listen to good music. That is truly my favorite destination and it charges my batteries to the fullest. 

7. What song are you singing in the shower, playing on repeat or belting out loud to in the car?

Different songs actually. The acoustics of the shower is suitable for Beyonce's 'Halo'. A song that's on repeat for the moment is Drake's 'Passionfruit' or 'Get It Together' with the same artist. 

8. Hot or iced?

Both, depending on the weather. 

9. Fill in the blank.

Fried 'rice'

10. What is your favorite scent?

Different options for different occasions but a perfume I've had for 8 years and always go back to is Lanvin's 'Eclat D'Arpege', which basically means Arpeggio, or a chord broken into a sequence of notes.

11. How do you own your own style?

I just put on whatever I think is pretty, but it has to be comfortable. The inspiration is everywhere. 

12. Sunrise or sunset?

Do I have to choose? All I can say is that Miami has the best of both.

13. How do you want to feel in your clothes? How does wearing your mersur make you feel.

Com-for-table and divine! Almost like not wearing clothes at all!

Where is your favorite place to wear your mersur?

Everywhere! But be prepared to draw attention to yourself. I once went biking through Miami Beach in a Mersur dress, with the dress flowing as a trail in the wind. People stopped me several times!

14. Tell us about the work you do and why is it important to woman?

15. Do you believe in mermaids?

There's no proof of them not existing, right?!

16. How do you turn an everyday workday into an adventure?

I have a vivid imagination. I consider myself to be a psychonaut and with that trait everything can be an adventure. 

17. What is your favorite way to have fun?

Living! and to do all the stuff I want to do without letting fear holding me back!

18. Fave drink?

Pimm's Cup

19. Fave colour you think should be a neutral?

I love all colours and would not like to exclude any of them. More colour to the people!

20. What makes you a #mersurmuse?

Hanging out with Sarah (Shirley) really makes me feel like a #mersermuse with her inspiring words and her hard inspirational work. Basically being around empowering women!


@catrinkjellstrom going with the flow.....dancing with the breeze in the Lana from @mersur in Protea Ocean at the Vagabond Hotel, Miami, Florida.  


Thank you Catrin for sharing the #mersurmovement and allowing us to get to know you more. Can't wait to visit you in Sweden and enjoy Fika with you!  

What would you like to ask Catrin? We want to know.

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