Mersur is fun with no boundaries, where the endless summer is a state of mind, shock pink is a neutral and inspiration is everywhere...Mersur is that moment in the gap where all is as it should be, a feeling, an experience where sunrises trump sunsets and every thing you do is an adventure. Where will you go next?


Mersur is a resort-chic lifestyle collection that epitomizes the jet set, endless summer feel of Southern California, St. Tropez, Rio de Janeiro and the countless beaches of Australia. The Mersur collection is comprised of  must have beach gowns, swimsuit cover-ups and resort style dresses designed to be worn in exotic places and whisk you away to the dream destination of your choice. 

Bold, bright prints mix with subtle solids in cotton, silk and linen fabrics are the hallmark of the Mersur collection. The Mersur muse defines the essence of relaxed luxury and provides the effortless glamour that only summer can provide. Mersur embodies the life inspired by famed seaside resorts flocked by jetsetters and surf riders alike. Throw on a Mersur and feel gorgeous.


Mersur believes in feminine energy and is 100% owned and produced in the USA by women for women. A Mersur purchase is one you can feel good about. A percentage of sales goes to helping under-served youth through action sports.


Mersur arose from renowned fashion stylist, Sarah Shirley. Throughout her vast travels, which included surf sabbaticals in Australia and Central America, she met a shaman who told her about a goddess of the sea. From this experience the legend of Mersur was created, a creature that is half mermaid, half surfer. Half mortal, half goddess and while totally beautiful, she’s effortless and strong like a surfer.  The legend… continues. Sarah took the inspiration back to New York and meditated on it. Mersur showed it’s first collection at Miami Swim Week in July 2014.