Loves Notes - Receive - Volume 2

Let's be grateful for all the gifts we have received today. Sure some things we experienced today may have felt like a doozy, a stab, a jolt or just a plane "FUCK YOU"

Tell me what went right? Did you receive a gift in the mailbox? Maybe it was a Mersur? Did someone make you a mimosa with fresh squeezed orange juice? Did you receive a phone call from a far away friend? Did you receive a smile or even a glance from a stranger or a baby? Did you see butterflies flying? Did the wind blow on your face? Did the sun shine? Did you take a deep breath and notice it? 

These are all gifts, like a present that is wrapped up in paper with bows and ribbons. The present moment is a gift too. Are you willing to notice it? I am....... Join me.


Receive was created by @sarzy7300 our Creative Director and Chief Mersur Muse