What is the Mersur Movement?

Hey Gods and Goddesses,

First off allow me to reintroduce myself, I’m Sarzy,  the Chief Mersur Muse. I created Mersur so I could carry out my own dreams of traveling to endless ports of call instead of dreaming about them from behind my desk in NYC. 

Some of you have asked, "What is the #mersurmovement? The mersur movement is sustaining that fresh from vacation feeling all year long. Vaca vibes all day, every day. I create bold beach gowns, sleek swimsuit cover-ups and cool caftans that instantly whisk you away to your dream destination of choice. Easy, right? Just throw on a Mersur and be prepared to transform into a goddess of the seven seas. I love wearing my Mersur's when I am running around town doing errands. I instantly feel free like I'm on an adventure even when I'm just taking care of business.    

Our customers and loyal fans are referred to as #mersurmuses and I encourage these sultry endless summer babes to spread the #mersurmovement, live in the #mersurmoment and always #relaxharder.

I want to inspire woman to be the muse of their own life. To Inspire themselves and each other.  To be unstoppable. To keep going especially at that moment you want to give up. We encourage each other to go after our dreams and turn them into reality. 

Mersur is fun with no boundaries, where the endless summer is a state of mind, shock pink is a neutral, inspiration is everywhere and everything you do is an adventure. Where will you go next?

Join Me!



Become part of the mersur movement.....

Become part of the mersur movement.....