Mersur Muse 20 Q's- Issue 8, Introducing Casie Zydanowicz

We sat down or rather stood up with Casie Z this month over the phone and chatted all things Mersur. Casie is one of our favorite customers because she doesn't even wait till vacation to wear Mersur. We love how she rocks her lulu tunic in deco drive from Mersur to work in the winter with black leggings. 

#mersurmuse 20Q's

Name: Casie Zydanowicz

Tagline: Just a small town girl wishing I was Christine 16 but instead I’m a fallen angel... it’s hysteria.

1. Describe your first encounter with Mersur? 
My first encounter with Mersur was seeing it come to life through posts from the most wonderful and talented Sarah.

2. What are three words that comes to mind to describe the brand?
Colorful, Playful and Classy Chic.

3. We say at Mersur breathing is the best high. What give you the best high? How do you get your personal high? 
Music always gives me the best high. I get my personal high from going to concerts. Bon Jovi high this summer.

4. What is your goddess routine? 
After waking, taking 5 minutes to myself before jumping into the shower and feeding the cat.

How do you remind yourself that you are a goddess everyday?
It’s hard to remind yourself every day, but as long as I am calm and feel like I have done my best every day, then that is how I remind myself.

What makes you feel like a goddess?
Feeling accomplished.

5. Describe your dream destination right now.
Dream destination.. concert hopping with Def Leppard.

6.Describe your fave vacation holiday spot? What do you like about it? 
Staycations are the best spots. I like that i get to spend time with my son. He’s 16 and soon to be out on his own so this time for me is precious.

7. What song are you singing in the shower, playing on repeat or belting out loud to in the car? 
I have a few... Animal by Def Leppard, Christine 16 by Kiss, Familiar Taste of Poison by Halestorm and Wither by Dream Theater. Oh yeah, and Blue by Keith Urban.

8. Hot or iced? 

9. Fill in the blank. Fried __________.

10. What is your favorite scent? 
Euphoria by Calvin Klein.

11. How do you own your own style? 
I wear what I like and what I think goes together.

12. Sunrise or sunset? 

13. How do you want to feel in your clothes?
I want to feel comfortable in my clothes. mersur makes me feel like I am on vacation.

How does wearing your mersur make you feel? Where is your favorite place to wear mersur?
So far my fave place is work... but when this NY weather gets nice I will be flaunting it all over syracuse.

Mersur Muse Casie wearing her Lulu in Diamond Dash to just an average day in the office #vacavibes

Mersur Muse Casie wearing her Lulu in Diamond Dash to just an average day in the office #vacavibes

14. Tell us about the work you do and why is it important to women.
I am an administrative assistant. I think it’s important to women because you learn skills. You learn what your boss is doing and it can help you get that position when he or she leaves.

15. Do you believe in mermaids? 
Yes! Every female has an inner mermaid.. and have you seen Jason Moma as Aquaman??? Helllooooo!!! Perfect for a merman.

16. How do you turn an everyday workday into an adventure? 
I really don’t have to do much.. every day brings new things and learning moments and new problems to solve.

17. What is your favorite way to have fun?
Hanging out with my besties from high school!!! Yep I still hang with them and get together and cause shenanigans.

18. Fave drink? 
Flavored water from wegmans.

19. Fave colour you think should be a neutral? 

20. What makes you a #mersurmuse? 
#mersurmuse? I love life and doing things to make me happy... that is what makes me a mersurmuse.

Casie, It's an honour to have you as March's muse of the month. Thanks for all your fun, combi van's and your support since high school! Go Haverlinguist!