Mersur Muse 20 Q's- Issue 2, Introducing Kach Howe

Sitting here on the couch at our lake front office's aka, my family lake home, we caught up with the fearless, Kach Howe one part of The Two Monkey's Travel Group. We chose her as this month's Mersur Muse as she exemplifies strong female who travels the globe with no boundaries and living on her own terms. Grab a coffee or a glass of champers and lean in to this arresting visual image of Kach below breathing in all the Anni has to offer in Cancun, Mexico.


#MersurMuse 20 Questions


Name: Kach Howe


Tagline:  “From Monkey Backpackers to Luxury Travelers” #DreamsDoComeTrue


1. Describe your first encounter with Mersur?

I had my first Mersur dress for my pre-nuptial pictorial while cruising at the Caribbean and I loved it because it fits my flower crowns!

2. What are three words that comes to mind to describe the brand?

Colorful, chic and catchy!

3. We say at Mersur breathing is the best high. What give you the best high? How do you get your personal high?

Meditation and when I receive messages from my readers that I inspired them to change their lives for the better.

4. What is your goddess routine?

I was actually really unhealthy in the last 2 years (wrote about it here) but now I’m on a 2-month Residential Bootcamp in the UK to get back on being fit. Basically, I’m back on starting and ending my day by meditating.

How do you remind yourself that you are a goddess everyday?

I tell myself that in the morning! haha!

What makes you feel like a goddess?

I’m in control of my life - physically, mentally and spiritually!

5. Describe your dream destination right now?

Antarctica is my ultimate dream and we will be there in the next few months time!

6.Describe your fave vacation holiday spot? What do  you like about it?

We’re actually nomadic in the last 3 years so I can’t say I’m on a holiday, anyway, one of my fave destinations is the Istria region of Croatia.

7. What song are you singing in the shower, playing on repeat or belting out loud to in the car?

Hmmm, nothing actually.. I visualize things usually!

8. Hot or iced?


9. Fill in the blank. Fried ____________.

Chicken wings are the best!'

10. What is your favorite scent?


11. How do you own your own style?

I always wear unique clothes and my readers already know me from a far because of my red poncho and a massive flower crown.

12. Sunrise or sunset?


13.How do you want to feel in your clothes? How does wearing your mersur make you feel.

I like it free flowing like my Mersur butterfly dress!

Where was your favorite place to wear your Mersur

I had amazing photos of my Mersur dress in Cancun, Mexico!

14. Tell us about the work you do and why is it important to woman?

I’m a travel blogger.. I quit my job in 2013 to travel the world and ended up visiting 69 countries and just got married to the guy I met while backpacking in Asia. I think women who followed our journey were inspired and I was able to show to them that dreams do come true!

15. Do you believe in mermaids?

Yes, anything is possible.

16. How do you turn an everyday workday into an adventure?

I dont consider my “work” as work.. And I travel and do adventure activities for a living.

17. What is your favorite way to have fun?

Extreme Activities, Yoga and watch a TV series!

18. Fave drink?

Frozen Margarita

19. Fave colour you think should be a neutral?


20. What makes you a #mersurmuse?

I’ll copy this from the Miss Universe - Philippines winner.. It’s because “I’m confidently beautiful with a heart!”

Thanks Kach for the sharing this #mersurmoment with us. You are a major inspiration to me. I can't wait to hit the road. Wait, I'm on the road. Right now it's Keuka Lake, NYC, East Hampton, NYC, France for 2 weeks, NYC and then, Miami..................................sounds like I could be a monkey too.

Is this a mermaid?   

Is this a mermaid?