Love Notes - Dusky Rose -Volume 19

"Love is in the air everywhere I look around......

Love is in the air every sight and every sound. 

And I Don't know if I'm being foolish.

Don't know if I'm being wise.

But it's something that I must believe in

And it's there when I look in your eyes.

Love is in the air, in the whisper of the tree.

Love is in the air in the thunder of the sea.............................................." 

Picasso said,   "Good artists copy; great artists steal." Today's love notes are attributed to the lyrics of  Aussie disco-pop star. John Paul Young. He wrote "Love is in the Air" in 1977 just a few years after I was born. I love playing this song every morning and dance it out to get my day going right. It's my personal love note in action. I love how the song builds and the energy is really explosive. Today can we find a little love for ourselves....just in the air. Can we allow ourselves to feel it. The subtle feeling of love in the air...everywhere we look around? 

Sarzy in the "Lurex Stripe Kiki" with the "Dusty Rose Love Note Scarf". 

Sarzy in the "Lurex Stripe Kiki" with the "Dusty Rose Love Note Scarf". 

Flow State

Have you ever felt like everything is going great? Like one thing after another just falls into place? You have? That's called a flow state! 

When I design dresses I like to tap into a feeling I have, or I would like to experience.  This is the Lana in Protea Ocean from Mersur. This dress feels like flow state! Everything moves seamlessly through space and time. Catrin our #mersurmuse from Sweden moves like a flow state through the time continuum. Like this dress? You can purchase it in two colour ways on our shop page. Protea Ocean (blues and pinks) and Protea Sunrise (reds and oranges)


Reveal Yourself

When was the last time you truly felt alive? When was the last time you allowed  your inner self to come out and play?

@sarzy7300   playing at the house on Palm Island, Miami, Florida. May, 2017.

@sarzy7300 playing at the house on Palm Island, Miami, Florida. May, 2017.


Hello Vacationistas, Global Globetrotters & Sultry Summer Babes,

I want to share a very sad turned sort of happy story with you. Have a listen because I want to inspire you to keep going even though you may feel you may have nothing to give,  you are at the end of the road or what does this all mean? Keep going. Keep growing. It's a stretch. It's gonna feel a bit different.

My story is about my failures and my losses. I don’t often BRAG about my failures and would much rather hit you up with stories and pics from my travels from all over the world. Painting the story that I’m on vacation every hour of the day even thought I'm working in between. Always feeling like I’m on vacation is my guilty pleasure. It’s my little game that I keep playing. It’s how I transform the hardship into fun. The grind into pleasure. This next part may hit you in the gut so get ready….we are going on a little trip.

So where did I find the courage to travel the world? To take this massive leap? A year ago today my fiancé and I split up….. and a little over 2 years ago today I had a physically excruciating miscarriage on my wedding day in Costa Rica. Loosing my baby was heartbreaking and it’s been so difficult to even  open up about it. To even feel the feelings. Having a miscarriage was more difficult than loosing my relationship. He was once my “dream man.” He was the man I waited for all those years who made all the other relationship I had been in seem so wrong because he was so right.  

Why am I sharing this story with all you beautiful babes who have become part of my tribe? My mersurmuses? All this heartbreak allowed me to  look at my life very differently after this went down. It made me realize I was settling, I was not going after what I truly wanted. I was just taking what life was giving me.  It made me dig deep inside my self and answer some tough questions and find some very revealing answers.

What I learned that I was truly deeply unhappy….I was unhappy living in NYC.  I had been there for 20 years and was never really in love with it. I had always dreamed of living some place tropical. I have always been the happiest when I have been traveling, learning about new places and spaces. Instead of moving, I got into a relationship with a tropical man, a Brazilian living in cold dreary NYC for more than half of his life. When what I really wanted was to proverbially… in BRAZIL. …..I learned that I could not make a person change for me. I learned that relationships have to be 50/50 or at least 60/40. I learned through all this heartbreak of loosing my child, a breakup, leaving your home and letting everything go is not what I wanted to do but it’s what I needed to do. I also needed to love my self more. I needed to not cave to every whim of the person I was with. I needed to stop being a people pleaser to my clients. I needed change. I needed to get out of NYC, I needed to be in a relationship where I was valued and seen as special. I needed a soft cushion to lie on when things were rough and I need a BIG push from the universe to keep traveling, to keep exploring, to try new places out…like Miami….  I had become so uncomfortable in my own skin. I needed to GROW.

Feeling free on Palm Island in Miami in the Anni from   Mersur   in butterfly magic. Are you feeling it?

Feeling free on Palm Island in Miami in the Anni from Mersur in butterfly magic. Are you feeling it?

And I did just that by way of the comfort of my friends UWS apartment for a month in hot and sweaty August, summer weekends at friends home in the Hamptons and the beauty and ease of my parents lake house in September and then France in the fall with my former lover and airline captain. I needed to roam free. I needed to untrap myself from what I thought I wanted. What I had previously bought into as right for me and the right kind of NYC lifestyle.

What good is the “right NYC lifestyle” if you don’t really love where you live. If you are always dreaming of exotic lands, balmy nights and sunny mornings that turn into bright and bold afternoons……………..

I also wanted to work on Mersur, my resort chic lifestyle brand 24/7 but was always at the beck and call of my freelance clients. I was growing dissatisfied with this too. I had been freelancing for 17 years and it was finally time for my dream to come to fruition. My dream of having my own lifestyle brand where I could inspire myself and those around me. I needed and wanted to focus on this DREAM. This baby…who is now a toddler and running quite fast and then other times passed out in a nap.

What I learned from all struggle…..Is that I do have courage. I have the strength to throw of my bowlines and let go of the shore. To really get out there and I have no safety net. I have nothing to hold me back. Not just for a week or a weekend but maybe even for a year…trying out  places…..That I can pick my self up after heartbreak and keep going. That I can connect with people where ever I go and make friends. I learned that my dream is really strong and that I will go to bat for it.  I have the loyalty to myself to stick up for my dream even though my personal life felt like a failure. In my business I do not feel like a commercial success just yet,  I know it’s coming. I know I am taking the baby steps every day to get there. That every day I feel weary and bruised to the bone…….but I know someday soon that feeling will lift. Why am I so hopeful? Because I know feelings are not forever.  I look forward to celebrating with all of you. I look forward to inspiring you every day to take a giant leap forward or just the itszy-bitsy baby step. It’s worth it for your dreams. It’s worth if for the pleasure of being alive.

Looking forward to toasting with you all at the New Years Eve Retreat in Costa Rica. Cheers! Let's throw off our bows lines together and jump in. Will you join me?



Sarzy, The Chief Mersur Muse

A #mersurmantra...  .#relaxharder

A #mersurmantra....#relaxharder

Love Notes - Èlan - Volume 8

Move through life with vigorous spirit and enthusiasm. Move towards activities and experiences that you feel a great sense of élan. Notice what lights your soul on fire. Do those things more often. This awareness brings you closer to the essence of life in the moment. This is where all the power is. The power of right now. The power of the present moment. The #mersurmoment......Will you join me in this moment? 


Mersur is that moment in the gap where all is as it should be, a feeling, an experience where sunrises trump sunsets and every thing you do is an adventure. Where will you go next?

Love Notes - Possible - Volume 4

Nothing is impossible.........Everything is possible. How bad do you want it? That is the question. Set your expectations high. Take baby steps to get there. Baby steps lead to giant leaps of faith in action. 

Ask for help.

Make today at 10. Decide at the beginning of the day how it's going to go down. You decide. Remember nothing is impossible. 

We will never be here this moment. Harness the power of the present. Be in the moment. The #mersurmoment. Join me. 

Possible was created by   Sarah Shirley   our creative director  

Possible was created by Sarah Shirley our creative director  

Introducing....Mersur Mornings at the Vagabond Hotel

Mersur Mornings. You asked for it, so we gave it to you. What is a #mersurmorning......a #mersurmorning is a  space to get together to discuss ideas, feel relaxed and work it all out on the mat together. We did a few quietly, now we've got a good thing going and we are getting loud about it. Join us Saturday's at 10 am for complimentary poolside yoga at the legendary Vagabond Hotel in Miami's Mimo district. Apres yoga, you can mingle with the #mersurmuses and shop our poolside pop up shop. We can wait to see you there. Tell only your best friends!