Love Notes - Light Blue - Volume 18

Loves Notes are back.....we missed you and we missed cheering you on! Thank you for the oppourtunity to shower you with love, praise and admiration for the work you do. For showing up everyday even when the fear feels so engulfing you simply can't go on. But you can. Remember sexy sirens of the seven seas....we always have a choice. Even if you don't like any choice you have made in the past, you can always make new choice starting right now! 

So for #MersurMonday a.k.a.  our version of #MondayMotivation we give you are new love notes scarf. Yes a reminder to always be kind to ourselves first. When you put on your clothes, your jewels, your shoes or any article of clothing make it a practice in mindfulness. Each thing you place on your body is a token, a reminder to love ourselves. To love what we put on our body. Make it easier with our Love Note scarf. Available now through Direct Message ONLY. If you would like this scarf pictured below, please send a message to us ( and we will send you an invoice through SquareUp. The price is $139 and the shipping is $5. We have 2 of these in light blue. 1 in red. 2 in peach. 2 in pink. 

P.S. I accidentally  deleted my blog today and was about to quit.......but I found the courage to go call tech support and find a solution...and I did! So we are back in business. 

This is the Love Note Scarf from Mersur / Light Blue/ 100% cotton / Made in France for Mersur By Malfroy. Thanks to Nate for being the best MerSir a girl could ask for and to our photographer Terry for the epic shot. This is on Key Biscayne in Miami, Florida and shot on Feb. 4th, 2018.