Mersur's 2018 Promise Letter To You


Hello Super Gorgeous Goddesses of the Seven Seas,


Let’s talk about……….pleasure. Yes, that’s true, I’ve been gearing up all week to talk to you about increasing pleasure in your life. Pleasure is very important aspect of our work and our personal life that we just don’t get enough of.

So, I wrote this promise letter to you, my muses to share a few ideas of how I plan (and promise) to bring more pleasure to all of us this year.

Pleasure requires choosing fun over expectations
— Mama Gena


I’m not really into New Year’s Resolutions, but one thing I do know,  I’m hopelessly devoted to inspiring you this year. How many of you already forgot what you were resolving to do?  Or your resolution read like a punishment and maybe went something like, “I’m never going to eat cheese again.”

No wonder you probably forgot your resolution because it feels more like a punishment than a pleasure-ment and that’s no fun. How about trying something more pleasurable like, I’m going to try 2 new fruits every month and explore painting again. Sounds way more fun right?

I’ve been listening closely to you and the number one struggle that you’ve shared with me:

You want and need more pleasure in (you desire to open up like a flower and dream so big it ‘effin scares you)
— The Collective Call of the MersurMuse

That’s why I’m declaring 2018 to be the “Year of Pleasure” That’s right. I’m on a one-woman mission to help you discover these five things about pleasure:

1.   Understand what turns you on (no, I’m talking about in the bedroom but this could have a profound effect on that too)

2.   Enjoy what brings you joy and then to do more of it not less.

3.   Learn what feels fun for you and how to notice it

4.   Discover what a 100% orgasmic “YES” feels like (yes to your LIFE and everything you choose to do)

5.   Master the art of always choosing the right oppourtunities and invitations. You will learn to never having to back out of plans that once felt fun then you realized in the midst of it, what was eff was I thinking?”

The discovery of these five things will bring you even more pleasure that you can even imagine. Visualize a fountain (fountains are a very important mersur motif) right now. It just keeps flowing and overflowing. This is what we are attracting here- overflowing abundance. Nothing ever has to be in short supply including love, money, pleasure, vacations, clothes or fun.

So here are some of the promises (it’s all hot stuff, btw)  you can expect from me this year:

1. A Fun Shop  (a one-day live event that’s like a work-shop but no work, only fun)….bring your bathing suit…..and try on all the latest mersur with the help of a stylist, ME.

2. A Fun Raiser  (a weekend retreat where we dive deep into fun and pleasure and the Mersur of your choice is included with the retreat tuition)

3. Weekly Love Notes (our version of #MondayMotivation to  remind us of our own genius and beauty, yes, I will be your personal cheer squad)

4.New Caftan Styles launching Feb 2018 and tons of juicy, sneak-peaks along the way of our hot design and inspo process.

5. An All New Accessory Collection (including scarfs, twillies, bracelets and our already famous pouchettes) get them before they sell out. Our previous pouchettes sold out so fast we didn’t even have time to put them on our website and sold just by word of mouth!

Now, back by popular demand, Mersur’s annual #relaxharder  challenge (click on #relaxharder to join the Facebook group). This year it will be a five-day, virtual pleasure cruise departing May 1st (mark your calendars) and is all about self-love,, something I’m working on too. I be your cruise director and I will be sailing right along with you as we discover new and exciting ways to show our mind, body and soul love!

Of course, prizes will be awarded for the daily winners along with a  super-secret reveal as we disembark from this five-day, fun-filled, virtual cruise.

I also want to assure you that my self-love and self-care is in check. I made a commitment to myself and my business that I would reach out and share as I learn new techniques.  You know I want to share all this new-found knowledge with you in the form of my special “tips and tricks” format. That means I’ll be sending:

1.   A #mersurmusings reminder every month delivered to straight to your inbox.

2.    Our version of #MondayMotivation are Mersur’s #LoveNotes and they launch every Monday on the blog and shared on social media. Be social and  mingle with us on Instagram and Facebook, pretty please.

3.    All new and improved 2018 #MersurMuse of the Month profiles highlighting a new muse who inspires us at Mersur HQ and will definitely inspire you too. OMG, I just got some major butterflies thinking about all these fabulous woman…………

In addition to the hot stuff I’ve just mentioned above, you can also expect lots of #vacavibes laced with fun and helpful surprises from me this year. After all, Mersur is the brand of the never-ending summer vibe. I’ve developed an endless summer planner in 3 easy and fun releases designed to inspire you to live in the summer of your dreams…all year long!  I mentioned above that  this was the year of pleasure and I mean biz ness. The business of pleasure. Let’s stop stressing and enjoy every moment we can by making just a few simple tweaks to our attitude a.k.a. " a L’atitude adjustment"

Let’s do this together and lead the way to the pleasure revolution. After making a few simple tweaks everything you do will feel like a vacation. I will surely show you the way. Think of me as your personal guide. Going to the grocery store will feel like you checked into an all-expenses paid luxury-resort. Yes, please.

How I dress to do my grocery every time! 

How I dress to do my grocery every time! 

Stay tuned every week on the blog as we announce more info on our events, tips and tricks. So gorgeous goddesses that’s my hot list.

I’d love to know what you are promising for yourself What are YOUR big plans for 2018? Write me back ( or comment below) and tell me:

This year, I am totally committed to _______________and I am SO excited about _____________.

Can’t wait for us to  tap into pleasure this year, yours and mine. Excited to have you on board with me and Mersur as we begin this exciting adventure. Here’s to a very pleasurable 2018!

Sending tons of sun-drenched kisses, 

Sarzy, Your Chief Mersur Muse Xo