Mersur Muse 20 Q's - Issue 4, Introducing Sofia Galiano

We loved getting to know #gorgigirl, Sofia, our November #mersurmuse of the month. Sofia totally gives us Miami vibes all around the world.  Displaying peace and serenity in her daily life in a colorful and vibrant way is why we love her!  Keep scrolling to get a lesson in how to #relaxharder - Miami style!

Letting the  Lana  flow free

Letting the Lana flow free

#MersurMuse 20 Questions


Name: Sofia Galiano

Website: @sofigali on Instagram

Tagline:  Life’s better by the ocean


1. Describe your first encounter with Mersur?

I learned of their giftaway on Instagram last summer and won!

2. What are three words that come to mind to describe the brand?

Flirty, freeing and floral.

3. We say at Mersur breathing is the best high. What gives you the best high? How do you get your personal high?

Exercise is the best high – running especially. Sweating releases endorphins and always lifts my spirits.

4. What makes you feel like a goddess?

Getting sweaty and dirty during a workout. Nothing is sexier than being strong.

5. Describe your dream destination right now?

A week-long getaway in the Dominican Republic, exploring waterfalls, eating decadent Latin food and soul searching.

6. Describe your fave vacation holiday spot? What do you like about it?

I don’t travel during the holidays, but every place has something magical about it. The feel of the places I’ve traveled always resonates with me.

7. What song are you singing in the shower, playing on repeat or belting out loud to in the car?

Priorities by Sy Ari Da Kid Ft. Bryson Tiller

8. Hot or iced?


9. Fill in the blank. Fried ______


10. What is your favorite scent?

Fresh brewed coffee

11. How do you own your own style?

I wear what I want and don’t follow trends. Comfort is key.

12. Sunrise or sunset?


13. How do you want to feel in your clothes? How does wearing your mersur make you feel? Where was your favorite place to wear your mersur?

I want to feel free in what I wear, and Mersur makes me feel just that. I wear my Mersur to the beach.

14. Tell us about the work you do and why is it important to women?

I freelance curating marketing materials for social media campaigns. This work is important to women because it’s an industry we are dominating. Whether sweepers, content curators or marketers, women are showcasing their creativity online at rapid rates and it’s nice to be a part of this growing community.

15. Do you believe in mermaids?

Of course.......

16. How do you turn an everyday workday into an adventure?

I find the extraordinary in the ordinary. Asking questions and staying curious play a role in this.

17. What is your favorite way to have fun?

I love to explore the outdoors, preferably somewhere near or on the water.

18. Fave drink?

I love to dip into organic fruit smoothies.

19. Fave colour you think should be a neutral?


20. What makes you a #mersurmuse?

I emody the beachy essence that defines summer. Living in Miami my entire life makes me the perfect muse.

Embracing fun in that Miami sun

Embracing fun in that Miami sun

Many thanks to our fabulous November #mersurmuse for always showing us how to live it up and live life freely!  Keep on and stay strong, Goddess and remember #relaxharder and keep living in the #mersurmoment.