Meet Brittany, Our Mersur Muse of the Month (April 2018)

#MersurMuse of the Month, April

Mersur Muse: Brittany Carel 

Instagram: @brittanycarel

Tagline: "You only live once so take a chance"

Brittany in Mersur's relaxed chic Kiki kaftan in white lurex stripe cotton. 

Brittany in Mersur's relaxed chic Kiki kaftan in white lurex stripe cotton. 

1. Bikini or One Piece? One piece

2. Mini or Maxi? Maxi

3. Beach or Poolside? Beach

4. Snail Mail or Text Message? Text message

5. Sunrise or Sunset? Sunset

6. What do you love to do for fun? Working out, ether kickboxing or Pilates depending on the day or spending the day at the beach with some good music, company and of course snacks.

7. I’ll bet you love to travel. What destinations are lighting up your vision board this year? I would love to travel to Europe! 

8. What is your favorite beach destination? That’s a hard one, Dania beach would have to be my favorite. I grew up going there and it’s so low key. Pure bliss. 

Let's have a kiki............

Let's have a kiki............

9. If you could take a course in something (without having to be good at it) what would you like to learn? How to speak another language. Most likely Spanish 

10. What do you want to be said about you at your 75th birthday party?  Brittany took chances while she was young, she chased her dreams. She chose happiness over money/material things. That she treated people with kindness and always tried to make someone smile. 

11. Do you believe in mermaids? Only at Disney......

12. What's your favorite guilty or not so guilty pleasure? 

               Guilty pleasures: Anything covered in dark chocolate or ice cream. I have a big night time sweet tooth.

              Not so guilty: I’m a huge cat lady and not ashamed of it. 

13. What's a must have in your carry-on bag? Favorite pair of sunglasses. 

14. If you received a gift from a secret admirer, what would you love to receive? Tickets to a concert.

15. What do you love about wearing your new mersur? It’s so perfect to wear all day. Every piece can be easily dressed up or down for any occasion.

From our 2018 e-commerce shoot. This is the Lulu in Mariposa Magic. 

From our 2018 e-commerce shoot. This is the Lulu in Mariposa Magic. 

Brittany is not only our muse of the month but she is our 2018 model for our new collection. We so enjoyed working with Brittany at our Miami photo shoot. Brittany is no novice to mersur. She also walked the runway in our Nikki Beach, What Women Want Fashion Show in January 2017. We chose Brittany because she represents a strong, body positive woman. We loved that she kick boxes, plays volley ball and  has a strong athletic body and stands tall at 5'7. Thank you Brittany for allowing us to get to know you as our April Mersur Muse of the Month. 

Meet Nate and Our All New MerSir Muse of the Month (March 2018)

Confetti drop.....Drum Roll... Let's put your hands together..............................for our March Mersur Muse of the Month. Let's welcome Nate to the style spotlight and our all new Mersur Muse of the Month format. That's why we've had a little break from profiles for the past few months as we were deep in our mersur design labs creating an all new series of questions (just in case you were missing them) let's welcome in the first day of spring 2018 and our MerSir (Male Mersur Muse) Muse of the Month...........Nate, a fun friend we met in Miami at endless summer camp.  



Name: Nate 

Instagram: @nateinmiami

Tagline: We don't give a f$&#!!!!

1. Budgy Smugglers or Boardies? Budgy Smugglers

2. Long shorts or short shorts? Short Shorts!

3. Beach or Poolside? Beach!

4. Snail Mail or Text Message? Both!

5. Sunrise or Sunset? Sunrise!

6. What do you love to do for fun? I love anything that lets me be silly. Day to day life can be so serious most of the time. I jump at any chance I get to just embrace the absurd. Despite most people still not getting it, self-parody and satire is one of my specialties! I love being outside. The beach. The mountains. Laying in the sand or hiking up a trail. I like a good debate, and I've been known to quietly stir things up a bit from time to time! Most of all, I enjoy the company of others who aren't afraid to just be themselves, embrace their inner silliness and don't really care what anyone else thinks!

7. I’ll bet you love to travel. What destinations are lighting up your vision board this year? I was all over the place in 2017: Caracas, moving to Miami, New York a few times, my hometown in Pennsylvania, New Orleans, LA, Italy and even rural, northern Idaho! This year, I'm actually looking forward to being still. I spend hours staring at a map, thinking about where I'd like to go, but I can't think of anything better at the moment than just biking over to Miami Beach for the day. I do miss the mountains, and would like to get one good hiking trip scheduled sometime this year. And I have a wedding coming up in Chicago to attend. I've started thinking about Tel Aviv or maybe Japan or Iceland. But no where when it is cold! It's actually the first time in a LONG while that I don't have a big trip planned, and I'm actually OK with that!

8. What is your favorite beach destination? Los Roques, Venezuela (although I sadly I can't recommend that anyone visit the country at the moment because of the crisis going on there. Such a shame!)

9. If you could take a course in something (without having to be good at it) what would you like to learn? Hip-Hop dancing

10. What do you want to be said about you at your 75th birthday party? You're one crazy mofo! You never let anyone hurt you too much, but when they did, you took it with class. You never hold a grudge, for too long that is. You give with an open hand, never asking or wanting anything back in return. You're never afraid to do what's right or say what needs to be said. You spend more time laughing than stressing. You hate the rules, but you respect them, well most of them, when it's for the greater good. Your're quiet sometimes, but always thoughtfully so, and you've never hid who you truly are. You're kind and fair, even if that means sometimes taking way to much crap from people. You never give up on anyone you care about. You're a loyal friend. You're a trend setter, and always slightly ahead of what's next. You've got your finger on the zeitgeist! You're a good listener, and an even better story teller! And above all, you're fun and carefree! And great news, this pill we're presenting you is brand new. Not only will it restore your body to your former 35-year-old self, but it also means we'll all be back here in another 75 years for your 105th!

11. Do you believe in Mermaids or Mermen? Look here to find out.

12. What's your favorite guilty or not so guilty pleasure? Turkey pepperoni.

13. What's a must have in your carry-on bag? Sun block!

14. If you received a gift from a secret admirer, what would you love to receive? a Cartier love bracelet... (Basic, I know!). But I'd settle for a sweet love letter, hand written on cute paper!

15. What do you love about wearing your new Mersur? I love color. And I love light, breezy fabrics. Whether around my neck or wrapped around my waist (or playing dress-up), my Mersur scarfs always brighten my day!



Thanks Nate for allowing us to peek into your life. We'd love to join you on a trip to Japan. Looking forward to receiving the invite for your 75th birthday bash at the Fountaine Bleu! Thank you for loving what we make.

Love Notes - Rouge Soleil - Volume 21

Go where it's warm. Move towards people, places and feelings that promote warmth in your soul. Go to the sunny side of the street. Move your body so it feels warm. Dance. Breath. Light your soul on fire.  Wrap yourself in clothes that feel good. Make today count. 

The "Love Note Scarf in Rouge Soleil" and the "Lulu Tunic in Mariposa Magic" on Sarzy, our Chief Mersur Muse. 

The "Love Note Scarf in Rouge Soleil" and the "Lulu Tunic in Mariposa Magic" on Sarzy, our Chief Mersur Muse. 

Love Notes - Peaches and Dream - Volume 20

Gorgeous Goddesses of the Seven are you talking to yourself? Notice what you say to you. Are you practicing positive self talk? Before you go to bed....look in the mirror and give yourself one compliment. When you wake up...... say one more nice thing to you. It's never to late to have the perfect relationship with yourself. Start in right now. Post a selfie..............and caption it with a beautiful love note to you. Join me in the movement....#mersurmovement


Sarzy, the Chief Mersur Muse wearing the Love Note Scarf in Peaches and Dream and the Kiki in Sand Tropez Stripe both from  Mersur . 

Sarzy, the Chief Mersur Muse wearing the Love Note Scarf in Peaches and Dream and the Kiki in Sand Tropez Stripe both from Mersur

Love Notes - Dusky Rose -Volume 19

"Love is in the air everywhere I look around......

Love is in the air every sight and every sound. 

And I Don't know if I'm being foolish.

Don't know if I'm being wise.

But it's something that I must believe in

And it's there when I look in your eyes.

Love is in the air, in the whisper of the tree.

Love is in the air in the thunder of the sea.............................................." 

Picasso said,   "Good artists copy; great artists steal." Today's love notes are attributed to the lyrics of  Aussie disco-pop star. John Paul Young. He wrote "Love is in the Air" in 1977 just a few years after I was born. I love playing this song every morning and dance it out to get my day going right. It's my personal love note in action. I love how the song builds and the energy is really explosive. Today can we find a little love for ourselves....just in the air. Can we allow ourselves to feel it. The subtle feeling of love in the air...everywhere we look around? 

Sarzy in the "Lurex Stripe Kiki" with the "Dusty Rose Love Note Scarf". 

Sarzy in the "Lurex Stripe Kiki" with the "Dusty Rose Love Note Scarf". 

Love Notes - Light Blue - Volume 18

Loves Notes are back.....we missed you and we missed cheering you on! Thank you for the oppourtunity to shower you with love, praise and admiration for the work you do. For showing up everyday even when the fear feels so engulfing you simply can't go on. But you can. Remember sexy sirens of the seven seas....we always have a choice. Even if you don't like any choice you have made in the past, you can always make new choice starting right now! 

So for #MersurMonday a.k.a.  our version of #MondayMotivation we give you are new love notes scarf. Yes a reminder to always be kind to ourselves first. When you put on your clothes, your jewels, your shoes or any article of clothing make it a practice in mindfulness. Each thing you place on your body is a token, a reminder to love ourselves. To love what we put on our body. Make it easier with our Love Note scarf. Available now through Direct Message ONLY. If you would like this scarf pictured below, please send a message to us ( and we will send you an invoice through SquareUp. The price is $139 and the shipping is $5. We have 2 of these in light blue. 1 in red. 2 in peach. 2 in pink. 

P.S. I accidentally  deleted my blog today and was about to quit.......but I found the courage to go call tech support and find a solution...and I did! So we are back in business. 

This is the Love Note Scarf from Mersur / Light Blue/ 100% cotton / Made in France for Mersur By Malfroy. Thanks to Nate for being the best MerSir a girl could ask for and to our photographer Terry for the epic shot. This is on Key Biscayne in Miami, Florida and shot on Feb. 4th, 2018.

Mersur's 2018 Promise Letter To You


Hello Super Gorgeous Goddesses of the Seven Seas,


Let’s talk about……….pleasure. Yes, that’s true, I’ve been gearing up all week to talk to you about increasing pleasure in your life. Pleasure is very important aspect of our work and our personal life that we just don’t get enough of.

So, I wrote this promise letter to you, my muses to share a few ideas of how I plan (and promise) to bring more pleasure to all of us this year.

Pleasure requires choosing fun over expectations
— Mama Gena


I’m not really into New Year’s Resolutions, but one thing I do know,  I’m hopelessly devoted to inspiring you this year. How many of you already forgot what you were resolving to do?  Or your resolution read like a punishment and maybe went something like, “I’m never going to eat cheese again.”

No wonder you probably forgot your resolution because it feels more like a punishment than a pleasure-ment and that’s no fun. How about trying something more pleasurable like, I’m going to try 2 new fruits every month and explore painting again. Sounds way more fun right?

I’ve been listening closely to you and the number one struggle that you’ve shared with me:

You want and need more pleasure in (you desire to open up like a flower and dream so big it ‘effin scares you)
— The Collective Call of the MersurMuse

That’s why I’m declaring 2018 to be the “Year of Pleasure” That’s right. I’m on a one-woman mission to help you discover these five things about pleasure:

1.   Understand what turns you on (no, I’m talking about in the bedroom but this could have a profound effect on that too)

2.   Enjoy what brings you joy and then to do more of it not less.

3.   Learn what feels fun for you and how to notice it

4.   Discover what a 100% orgasmic “YES” feels like (yes to your LIFE and everything you choose to do)

5.   Master the art of always choosing the right oppourtunities and invitations. You will learn to never having to back out of plans that once felt fun then you realized in the midst of it, what was eff was I thinking?”

The discovery of these five things will bring you even more pleasure that you can even imagine. Visualize a fountain (fountains are a very important mersur motif) right now. It just keeps flowing and overflowing. This is what we are attracting here- overflowing abundance. Nothing ever has to be in short supply including love, money, pleasure, vacations, clothes or fun.

So here are some of the promises (it’s all hot stuff, btw)  you can expect from me this year:

1. A Fun Shop  (a one-day live event that’s like a work-shop but no work, only fun)….bring your bathing suit…..and try on all the latest mersur with the help of a stylist, ME.

2. A Fun Raiser  (a weekend retreat where we dive deep into fun and pleasure and the Mersur of your choice is included with the retreat tuition)

3. Weekly Love Notes (our version of #MondayMotivation to  remind us of our own genius and beauty, yes, I will be your personal cheer squad)

4.New Caftan Styles launching Feb 2018 and tons of juicy, sneak-peaks along the way of our hot design and inspo process.

5. An All New Accessory Collection (including scarfs, twillies, bracelets and our already famous pouchettes) get them before they sell out. Our previous pouchettes sold out so fast we didn’t even have time to put them on our website and sold just by word of mouth!

Now, back by popular demand, Mersur’s annual #relaxharder  challenge (click on #relaxharder to join the Facebook group). This year it will be a five-day, virtual pleasure cruise departing May 1st (mark your calendars) and is all about self-love,, something I’m working on too. I be your cruise director and I will be sailing right along with you as we discover new and exciting ways to show our mind, body and soul love!

Of course, prizes will be awarded for the daily winners along with a  super-secret reveal as we disembark from this five-day, fun-filled, virtual cruise.

I also want to assure you that my self-love and self-care is in check. I made a commitment to myself and my business that I would reach out and share as I learn new techniques.  You know I want to share all this new-found knowledge with you in the form of my special “tips and tricks” format. That means I’ll be sending:

1.   A #mersurmusings reminder every month delivered to straight to your inbox.

2.    Our version of #MondayMotivation are Mersur’s #LoveNotes and they launch every Monday on the blog and shared on social media. Be social and  mingle with us on Instagram and Facebook, pretty please.

3.    All new and improved 2018 #MersurMuse of the Month profiles highlighting a new muse who inspires us at Mersur HQ and will definitely inspire you too. OMG, I just got some major butterflies thinking about all these fabulous woman…………

In addition to the hot stuff I’ve just mentioned above, you can also expect lots of #vacavibes laced with fun and helpful surprises from me this year. After all, Mersur is the brand of the never-ending summer vibe. I’ve developed an endless summer planner in 3 easy and fun releases designed to inspire you to live in the summer of your dreams…all year long!  I mentioned above that  this was the year of pleasure and I mean biz ness. The business of pleasure. Let’s stop stressing and enjoy every moment we can by making just a few simple tweaks to our attitude a.k.a. " a L’atitude adjustment"

Let’s do this together and lead the way to the pleasure revolution. After making a few simple tweaks everything you do will feel like a vacation. I will surely show you the way. Think of me as your personal guide. Going to the grocery store will feel like you checked into an all-expenses paid luxury-resort. Yes, please.

How I dress to do my grocery every time! 

How I dress to do my grocery every time! 

Stay tuned every week on the blog as we announce more info on our events, tips and tricks. So gorgeous goddesses that’s my hot list.

I’d love to know what you are promising for yourself What are YOUR big plans for 2018? Write me back ( or comment below) and tell me:

This year, I am totally committed to _______________and I am SO excited about _____________.

Can’t wait for us to  tap into pleasure this year, yours and mine. Excited to have you on board with me and Mersur as we begin this exciting adventure. Here’s to a very pleasurable 2018!

Sending tons of sun-drenched kisses, 

Sarzy, Your Chief Mersur Muse Xo


Mersur Muse 20 Q's - Issue 14 - Introducing, Hannah Lukaszewicz

#MersurMuse 20 Questions

Name: Hannah Lukaszewicz


Tagline:  A happy passport is a full passport! #GettingStamped

The Annie from Mersur in Fuscia Magic in the Maldives. Photos courtesy of Getting Stamped. 

The Annie from Mersur in Fuscia Magic in the Maldives. Photos courtesy of Getting Stamped. 


1. Describe your first encounter with Mersur?  My first time ever wearing Mersur was in the Maldives. It was the perfect dress for walking on the beach as the sun was setting, and it made for some epic photos.

2. What are three words that comes to mind to describe the brand? Fun, colorful, playful

3. We say at Mersur breathing is the best high. What give you the best high? How do you get your personal high? It may sounds strange, but after a really good workout session with sweat running down my face.

4. What makes you feel like a goddess? Well my husband always makes me feel like a goddess. But I personally feel like a goddess when I’m rocking an outfit and perfect hair & makeup to match it.

5. Describe your dream destination right now?

El Nido Palawan in the Philippines, it’s this magical place with gorgeous landscapes and inviting waters.

6. Describe your fave vacation holiday spot? What do you like about it? There are so many. I’ve been traveling full-time since 2013, we’ve been to 65 countries and each of them are special in their own way. But if I had to pick one place it would be Koh Lipe Thailand. It’s a little island hardly anyone knows about. I think that’s one of the reasons I like it so much. I am actually heading back there this month.

7. What song are you singing in the shower, playing on repeat or belting out loud to in the car? I don’t sing ever….never been a singer.

8. Hot or iced? Iced all the way preferably blended!

9. Fill in the blank Fried_____________________. Fried cheese curds dipped in ranch.

10. What is your favorite scent? Ginger

11. How do you own your own style?  I have a bold style, I like crazy colors, big prints. Sometimes I see something and say to myself “Wow that’s so ugly it’s kinda of cute.” Then I proceed to buy it and rock it with confidence.

 12. Sunrise or sunset? Sunset, I am not committing to sunrise it’s too early in the morning sometimes.

13. How do you want to feel in your clothes? How does wearing your mersur make you feel? I want to feel confident and let’s get real HOT in my clothes, and feel that is exactly what my mersur dresses do

14. Tell us about the work you do and why is it important to woman?  I use to be a tax auditor for the government but I quit my job 3.5 years ago to follow my dreams and travel the world. Right now I am a travel blogger/freelance writer/photographer. I want to show how gorgeous the world is and get other women out their traveling rather it be solo/husband/family.

15. Do you believe in mermaids? Sure do, and unicorns too!

16. How do you turn an everyday workday into an adventure? Right now I don’t have an everyday workday, traveling is my job and it’s one big adventure!

17. What is your favorite way to have fun? Get lost, the adventures you have and places you find getting lost in a new city are amazing. If I really get lost Google maps to the rescue.

18. Fave drink? Strawberry Daiquiri before on a beach somewhere

19. Fave colour you think should be a neutral? Pink

20. What makes you a #mersurmuse? I think everyone is a #mersurmuse !


Mersur Lana Dress-2.jpg

Hannah in the Lana from Mersur in Protea Ocean at Summer Island in the Maldives.

Thank you Hannah for laying down with us on the dock and talking all things Mersur. We are so in love with your lifestyle. You truly inspire us all to live our dream life.

Love Notes - Sensitive - Volume 17

Be sensitive to your surroundings. Notice what is happening around you. Do you like it? Do you like the way you feel when you get into bed at night or wake up in the morning? When you put on a dress in the morning notice how it makes you feel. If it's not fabulous then maybe this dress is not for you. Let it go. Make room for something new to magically enter into your life. Slip on a mersur and feel fabulous.

Join me in this movement right here. Click #mersurmovement to get on board.

The   Lana   will make you feel gorgeous just ask  Allegra

The Lana will make you feel gorgeous just ask Allegra

Love Notes - Sublime - Volume 16

Seek the sublime in life. Challenge yourself to choose moments, experiences and purchases that are ten's. Choose to elevate all your thinking and your choices to the best possible one you can make. Always seek the sublime in what ever your chose to do, be or see.

Join me in this movement. #mersurmovement

Colour clash in Key West  @sarzy7300  wearing the Lulu in Hibiscus Sunrise.

Colour clash in Key West @sarzy7300 wearing the Lulu in Hibiscus Sunrise.